Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Falling Right In It

Last month I was vacationing in Jordan with a friend. Of course while we were in Jordan we went to Petra! Petra was really great, except for all the walking. Part of that walking involved climbing up to the Monastery. Most people pay the 7JD to ride a donkey up the 800 plus steps that wind their way up and around in the extremely high hills of Petra.Not us. You can read about the full pain of the journey in my other blog, this post is about a small moment of the climb.

Standing in awe of how high we had to go.
I am by no means an in shape person but I do go to the gym semi regularly where I participate in vigorous dance classes. Since this experience wasn't going to be as awful as was traversing the Great Wall I figured I might be able to do it without too many problems. Not so. I found every excuse in the book to stop and take breaks. And because I needed so many breaks, I soon ran out of in the book excuses and hard to make up new ones.
Slipping off a rock

During one of these excuses we'd wandered down a small side path to check out an interesting rock formation. After a few moments of admiring and relearning how to breath, we turned to leave. As I was turning, my foot slipped off the rock I was standing on and I did this kind of slide/fall off the rock. Thankfully the rock wasn't so high so I didn't have far to fall. Mostly I got a little jarred when I stopped the fall with my right hand. I also got a bunch of that 'rose red' dust all over me for which Petra is so famous. However, I wasn't the only thing on the rock I slipped off.

Oh the consequences of donkeys.

Yup, right in it.

Yep. There was a big pile of donkey doo on the rock. I guess I've been so long out of the country that I never noticed in the first place. I sure as heck noticed it when I fell! There was a moment after I fell, after I was sure nothing was broken or bleeding, where Sarah and I froze as we simultaneously noticed where my hand was. Right. In. The. Center. Of. The. Doo.


And yet...fortune smiled. My hand mat have been in the center of the donkey doo...but the center was doo-free! Ha! So, Andrea - 1, Universe  - a lot more.

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