Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Time My Brother and Mom Broke My Finger

The two hardest things about this blog are coming up with stories, and making the pictures. However I cannot believe that I forgot about this story so I quickly threw together a couple simple images...

I don't quite remember when this happened but I think sometime in high school. I was in the city with my mom and brother and we made a stop at Best Buy. I know, that we were actually going to Best Buy to buy something really dates the story. I'm all about Amazon now and have been for years.

Anywho-we stop at Best Buy and pile out of the van. I was clambering down from the front passenger seat, my left hand braced on the van, when my brother slammed shut the sliding door, as you do.

Right. On. My. Little. Finger.

And then my mom locked the doors.

Pinkie finger locked in the sliding door.
Without thinking I started frantically tugging trying to free my pinkie finger from the van while my mom and brother gaped at me. I'm fairly certain there was some screaming involved, or at least a lot of shrill yelling. My brother reacted first and tried to open the van door-far smarter than probably further injuring my finger as I was doing by tugging. Of course his efforts were in vain since mom had locked them damn door.

It took her longer than I would have liked to grasp the situation but thankfully she eventually did. Also thankfully she still had the keys in her hand. The woman has this thing with purses. She can never find one that she likes so she has had a ton of them. Which means every time she gets a new one she has to figure out where everything goes and it takes her forever to remember where something is inside it. Finally though she unlocked the doors and my brother threw open the slider effectively freeing me.

I clutched my hand to my chest, tears streaming down my face, and refused my mom's continued armchair doctor attempts to examine it. Seriously, if you look up armchair doctor you'll find a picture of my mom. She once prescribed me my sister's no longer needed Paxil because I was 'acting like a bitch'. Actually if someone could make a pill for that...
My poor finger was black and had a large dent
I insisted that I was fine and headed straight into Best Buy. I was both really determined to get the CD I wanted and to avoid the doctor. I am nothing if not my father's daughter when it comes to willingness to go to the doctor. We did our shopping and my mom drove straight to the doctor. She set the finger and put one of those bendy metal splints on it. I think I probably didn't even get good drugs out of it. I think I did get my mom to pay for the CD though.

There really is no way to nicely wrap up this vignette. Maybe it needs a moral like; Keep your hands and feet outside the vehicle at all times? Never lock your car doors until you know nothing is stuck in them? Shop on the Internet from the safety of your own home? Cry as much as possible to get the good pain killers?

Nah. The best lesson to learn from this is story is to bring up family-caused injury whenever you need a guilt trip. 

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